Refund Policy

Once You have selected your Orders, you will be asked to confirm your Order is correct and to confirm how you wish to make payment for that Order. You have the option to select an online card payment, Cash on delivery, Mobile payment and Pay on collection. It is Your responsibility to ensure that your Order is accurate and You should thoroughly check the items which you have selected before confirming your selection.

If You have any questions or concerns regarding Your Order, including ingredients used, cookery methods, price or availability or if You suspect that your Order has been incorrectly calculated, you must contact with us. Once Your Order is processed, you will receive an email at the email address specified during your registration, confirming that Your Order has been received by Us ("Confirmation Email"). Receipt of this email does not mean that Your Order has been accepted by us. In the event that any payment made via Our Site is declined, you will be advised of the position and Your Order will not be further processed. If the restaurant rejects your Order, you will be notified via email or telephone call. There are circumstances where a restaurant may not be able to process and deliver Your Order in a timely manner and may be required to reject it. You will receive an estimated delivery time on your Order. This will be an estimation based on how busy the restaurant is, road traffic, government obligation or any other unavoidable circumstance and any special event or incident which may otherwise affect the processing times. Neither We or the Restaurant can be held liable for any unfortunate delay in delivery to You.

Canceling an order After Your payment has been processed, you may not amend or cancel Your Order. If You wish to attempt to amend or cancel Your Order after payment, you should contact us directly to discuss. You can change your mind to cancel the order until Sunrise customer care re-confirmed your order. Your payment will be refund as on condition of our payment gateway provider, it will take 3-7 working days.